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Celebrating Spike Out

Spike Out 2020
Statement from the NDIAA Board
It is with a heavy heart that we announce the cancellation of the Spike Out volleyball tournament which is scheduled for October 2-3, 2020. With safety as our top priority and the current projected status of the COVID-19 virus across our country, we believe this is the most responsible decision to make. It is unfair to ask any of our schools to host these large gatherings and observe the required CDC protocols with regard to social distancing, travel, hygiene, and sanitation. We, the NDIAA board members, superintendents, and host schools, will continue to monitor the status of the pandemic as the school year advances. We thank our athletes, coaches, and families for their patience. We look forward to seeing each other again soon.
Chris Hamilton, Texas (President)
Andy Bonheyo, Maryland
Mary Cook, Rochester
Matthew Eby, Wisconsin
Warren Keller, Fremont
Paul Wood, Model
Celebrating Spike Out
We were looking forward to hosting the 22nd annual Spike Out Volleyball Tournament during the weekend of October 2 & 3 and welcoming student-athletes, managers, coaches, parents, and community members from all over the country to MSD. This year's tournament would have been the largest in its tournament history with teams from 16 participating schools. This annual two-day tournament would have featured teams from the following schools in their respective divisions:
Division 1: Fremont, Indiana, Maryland, Model, Riverside, Texas, and Florida
Division 2: Fanwood, Lexington, Kansas, Marie Philip, Minnesota, Mississippi, Rochester, Washington, and Western Pennsylvania 
We had hoped to celebrate the hard work, talent, and camaraderie of our student-athletes in a competitive two-day tournament. The weekend also promised a time to create new friendships and lasting memories. While we cannot be together this weekend, we are together in spirit to celebrate some incredible moments during the 21 years of this cherished national tournament.
We look forward to reuniting again in Fremont next year for the Spike Out volleyball tournament.
Join us and celebrate the storied history of an incredible tournament!
Message from Andy Bonheyo, Athletic Director
Message from Lynn Ray Boren, Gallaudet University Women's Volleyball Head Coach
The Spike Out Volleyball Tournament was founded in 1999 by the Indiana School for the Deaf Athletic Director and Volleyball Coach Brian Bippus who envisioned a national deaf volleyball tournament bringing together outstanding teams and student-athletes. The idea was to bring top teams to one site and let them "spike each other out" to claim the national championship. The school who wins that year's tournament often wins the year's Deaf Prep National Volleyball Championship.
Indiana School for the Deaf hosted the inaugural tournament in 1999 with eight participating schools. Texas School for the Deaf defeated Model Secondary School for the Deaf in the first ever championship match.
Program Book
We have created a program book compiled of all championship teams and all-tournament teams since the inception of the tournament in 1999. The Celebrating Spike Out program book is available to download.
Championship Teams
Texas was the first team to win the inaugural Spike Out tournament championship in 1999.
80 former Spike Out student-athletes went on to play collegiate volleyball.
Maryland and Indiana have faced each other in the championship match ten times with Maryland winning six titles and Indiana with four.
In 2013, Fremont was the first West Coast team to win the Spike Out championship.
Maryland has the most appearances in the championship match, advancing to the title game sixteen times out of 21 tournaments.
There are two schools who have hosted the most teams (12) at the Spike Out tournament: Maryland in 2008, Wisconsin in 2009, Indiana in 2011, and Maryland in 2018.
Tamara Coleman (California School for the Deaf, Riverside) is the only former Spike Out student-athlete to have been inducted into the Gallaudet University Hall of Fame for women's volleyball.
During the Spike Out XIV tournament in 2012, Texas snapped Maryland's 10-straight championship match appearance.
Model was the first team to play in three consecutive championship games from 1999 to 2001.
Maryland is the first team to have won five consecutive titles from 2006-2010.
17 former Spike Out student-athletes went on to play International Deaf Volleyball.
Maryland has won the most Spike Out tournament championships with 9.
Ludmila Mounty-Weinstock (Model Secondary School for the Deaf) is a former Spike Out student-athlete who competed on the USA volleyball team in the most Deaflympics with 3.
Vicki Kitsembel (Maryland School for the Deaf) has won the most Spike Out championship titles as a head coach with 8.
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